Every team is defined by its members, and we make sure ours are one-of-a-kind. At BDP we recruit
incredibly talented professionals who happen to be great people. We hire those who are so good they
can't be ignored. Everyday people at our team create new ideas, work hard, do something new
while mastering an old expertise.

Eva Patricia Orozco
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Loves work + work, coffee, art & fashion
Crister Estrada
Partner / Chief Strategy Officer
F1 & Biking fan, always in good mood
Javier Villalpando
Partner / Chief Branding Officer
Loves coffee & Rock and Roll
Sebastián Guerrero
Partner / Chief Networking Officer
Loves China & rugby
Lucía Ragogna
Business Travel Planner
Loves travel & outdoor sports
Georgina Vargas
Chief Administrative Officer
Loves driving & coffee
Valeria Izzo
Account Director
Loves Gin Tonic & motorcycles
Paola Prado
Market Research Analyst
Loves eating & traveling
Paulina Pérez
Content Manager
Loves llama's & Birkenstock's
Joela Portillo
Junior Account Executive
Loves concerts & black
Regina García
Content Leader Strategy
Loves supermarket trips
Rafael Carmona
Junior Account Executive
Loves political thriller shows & Rosé
Paulina Herrmann
International Account Executive
Loves coffee & travel
Carlos Ortiz
Creative Designer
Loves travel & loud music
Adrian Romero
Junior Graphic Producer
Loves videogames & fashion
Eva Macías
Loves shopping, meeting people & poker
Hilda Negrin
Franchise Solutions Director
Loves family & life
Oscar Valles
Graphic Production Manager
Loves horror movies & Rock and Roll
Michell López
Junior Designer
Loves taking care of animals & music
Arletta Flores
Content Leader
Loves movies & the sea
Shaira Gutiérrez
Content Manager
Loves Disneyland & Country music
Fabiola Mendoza
Suppliers Coordinator
Loves travel & movies
Miriam López
Senior Designer
Loves classic rock & the 80's
Diego Pérez
Logistic & Shipping Coordinator
Loves sports & parties
Laura Coutiño
Executive Assistant
Loves sunsets & tea
Raúl Santiago
Maintenance Security Coordinator
Loves music & travel
Natalia Robles
Community Manager
Loves clothes & beach
Santiago Tamayo
Motion Graphics Coordinator
Loves cold weather & the chaotic nature of life
Eva Patiño
Brand Manager
Loves sunny days & red wine
Víctor Mora
Content Manager
Loves dancing & Harry Potter
Luis Arredondo
Legal Analyst
Loves drink coffee & owls
Michell Montes
Logistic & Shipping Coordinator
Loves music & dance
Miguel Ruiz
Loves soccer & traveling
Adrián Abundis
Senior Designer
Loves cftpa
Rodrigo Yeo
Business Development Project Manager
Loves music & parties
Enrique Camarena
Content Leader
Loves sports & food
Gerson Balcazar
Junior Graphic Producer
Loves designing & videogames
Daniela Castro
Loves stories & car karaoke
José Lopéz
Senior Account Executive
Loves museums & bacon